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Gel Blaster

Starfire Activator

Starfire Activator

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  • Own The Night - Fits on every blaster
  • Infuse Starfire Gellets With UV power
  • 5,000 Starfire Gellets Included

OWN THE NIGHT:  Upgrade your Surge blaster or any blaster in the Gel Blaster lineup with the new Starfire Activator. Tired of stopping play when the sun goes down? Fear the dark no more with the Starfire Activator. This product includes 1 Starfire Activator and 5,000 Starfire Gellets. 

GLOW IN THE DARK: The Starfire activator works by infusing gellets with UV light as they are blasted out of your Surge or Starfire blaster. The glowing tracer effect the glow in the dark gellets cause is a sight to behold. It will be almost impossible to put your blaster down after using the Starfire Activator. *Blaster not included

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