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Yookidoo - Matt Marcum

Sensory Bath Mobile

Sensory Bath Mobile

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Introducing the magic of water to newborns and infants by engaging all of their senses, the battery-operated Sensory Bath Mobile was designed with extra care for those first months in the tub, creating a fascinating and relaxing bathing experience for both parents and babies.
  • Insert batteries, assemble the mobile by connecting the arc to the roof of the birdhouse, and get ready to let the magic begin.

  • Position and firmly secure the two-stage mobile to the tub, making sure that the pump is immersed in water. Designed for newborns and doubling as a bath toy for sitting babies, the mobile comes with two different battery covers.

  • Press the bird button to start a fascinating, multisensory water show. The colorful flowers spin and sprinkle water as the swiveling bird sprays a gentle stream, exposing newborns and infants to the wonders of water through a fun and soothing experience that engages all of their senses.
  • Control the water flow intensity and flower rotation speed, so that it is anywhere from a soft trickle to a dancing-in-the-rain sprinkle. Do this by adjusting the water intensity controller, ensuring that while your baby has fun, you and the bathroom stay dry.

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