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Epoch Everlasting Play

Polar Bear Plunge!

Polar Bear Plunge!

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This polar bear doesn't want to take the plunge!

Taking turns, players spin the spinner to decide which color of ice to chisel out of the platform. With each block that's chiseled away, the polar bear's situation becomes more and more precarious.

Do you have the luck and insight to NOT send the polar bear plunging through the ice?

Put your nerves on thin ice with the riveting game of Polar Bear Plunge!

Game Zone Polar Bear Plunge!
  • Game of knocking out ice blocks while keeping the polar bear from falling through
  • Encourages spatial reasoning, decision-making, problem-solving
  • Take turns hammering one ice block out of the platform
  • Spin the spinner to decide which color of ice to knock out
  • Whoever causes the polar bear to fall through the ice loses - the other player wins
  • Includes game base, 2 mallets, polar bear, 55 ice blocks, spinner
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • No batteries required!
  • Quality materials and construction

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