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Magical Duck Race

Magical Duck Race

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Just try to catch these delightful, dizzy ducks spinning and spraying through a fountain track. This award-winning, joyful celebration of bath-time will keep your child busy while you get them clean, and every bath will be ‘off to a day at the races!
  • Attach the battery-operated Magical Duck Race to the bottom of the tub with the suction cup, fill the bath, and get ready for action.

  • Press down the green leaf lever, allowing the pump to circulate bath water and fill up the track without wasting water during hours of play.

  • Place all or some of the four ducks on the track, and they’re off… The colorful ducks will chase each other around the track, encouraging your child to try and catch one. Place the different ducks on top of the water fountain for various delightful, surprising water effects.

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