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Jet Duck - Create a Firefighter

Jet Duck - Create a Firefighter

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This exciting, battery-operated Firefighter duck speeds through the tub while firing water out of its hydrant, turning bath time into an action-packed adventure. Its 15 accessories can turn it into the town hero, a silly firefighter with flames blasting out of its ears, or anything your child's imagination can come up with.
  • With its batteries in place and the tub about 4 inches (10 cm) full, the jet duck firefighter can be turned on for hours of splashing fun.

  • Press the on/off button on the front of the base, and off it goes to save the day…

  • Connect the 15 accessories to create any character, from a brave firefighter, to a happy, funny one.

  • Swivel the fire hydrant and turn or remove the duck’s feet to change its swimming path. Can you make it swim in circles?

  • When the hard day’s work is done, scoop its accessories into the orange container, attach it to the side of the tub, and place the firefighter on top, ready for another exciting bath tomorrow.

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