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Gabby's Dollhouse, Travel Themed Figure Set

Gabby's Dollhouse, Travel Themed Figure Set

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Bring home your favorite characters from Gabby`s Dollhouse, in the exclusive Traveler Figure Set! This gift set is a must-have for fans of Gabby`s Dollhouse and comes with 6 collectible toy figures, a bunch of travel accessories, like a kitty camera, a backpack and much more, along with a Dollhouse Delivery, with a surprise accessory inside! Instantly add an exclusive Gabby doll to your collection, along with Gabby`s cat-tastic kitty friends, Cakey Cat, DJ Catnip, Mercat, Pandy Paws and Kitty Fairy! Each figure features authentic true-to-show details that bring these cat-tastic characters to life! Then, just like Gabby does in the beginning of each episode, unbox your special Dollhouse Delivery and discover the surprise toy! What will you find inside? After the reveal, use your imagination to play out your own dollhouse adventures with Gabby and her cats. Plus, for even more ways to play, add your figures into Gabby`s Purrfect Dollhouse and Gabby`s Friend Ship (each sold separately). For one last surprise, scan the QR code inside the Dollhouse Delivery to unlock a special reward in the free Gabby`s Dollhouse App (available on iOS and Android). For even more ways to play, look for the Gabby Cat Friend Ship, Gabby`s Purrfect Dollhouse and themed Dollhouse Rooms, to build out your doll house world even more (Each sold separately)! Gabby`s Dollhouse stuffed animals, dolls, toy figures and playsets are the perfect toys for girls and boys that love using their imagination to create their own dollhouse world, so prepare for endless pretend play adventures with the Gabby`s Dollhouse Traveler Figure Pack!

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