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Gabby's Dollhouse Surprise Figure

Gabby's Dollhouse Surprise Figure

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Collect your favorite characters from DreamWorks Gabby’s Dollhouse with the Surprise doll figures! Each mini collectible doll figure comes in a reusable 3-inch Dollhouse capsule, and it is a mystery who’s inside! Lift the top of the blind box container to reveal your super cute doll figure with a themed stand. Find characters and stands like Gabby and her Dollhouse Deliveries, Cakey Cat on a delicious-looking pie, MerCat in a clam shell and more! Use the capsule as storage and a play piece for all your dollhouse adventures – it looks just like the one from the original series! Each mini pegs into its stand and you can easily mix and match characters and stands for even more ways to play. Use the Dollhouse capsule to play out your miniature adventures or store your figure and stand inside until you are ready to play again.

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