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Carrera Of America

Nintendo RC Mini Collectibles Peach

Nintendo RC Mini Collectibles Peach

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  • Mini RC "Mario" to take away
  • Carrera RC
  • Remote-controlled Mini RC for racing fun in between
  • Running time up to 7 minutes
  • From 6 years

  • Across the finish line with Peach!
    In classic pink design and lightning fast, Princess Peach is always ready to win for you! With its small size, the racing car is practically to take away and ready for use at any time. Simply put your Peach in the designated compartment on the remote control and you're ready to go. So nothing stands in the way of your spontaneous race. What Mario Kart™ fan doesn't even want to win a real race with friends? Several friends or opponents at the same time can organize a race and duel each other. So are you ready to show your friends how to drive properly with Peach? Ready, set, GO!

    Always be ready to go with our Mini Mario Karts™!
    The collector's heart laughs! A total of six fast-paced mini speedsters of the Carrera RC Garage are waiting for you! Mario and his friends have been competing for many years now. Whether on the Nintendo or other consoles, most will not have missed the fun around Mario and Luigi. For all those, our new Mini RCs now offer the opportunity to experience this fun analogously. Our new Mini RC series offers you the opportunity to bring the different characters from Mario Kart™ to your home. Awaken your own Mario, Luigi or many more! Due to the small size of the karts you are always flexible! Place your mini racing car in the designated compartment on your remote control and take it with you wherever you want. You want a real Mario Kart™ race? Thanks to the 2.4 GHz technology no problem, up to 16 people can race together. All speedsters are "Ready to Run" and can go on an exploration tour in the children's room for up to 7 minutes directly from the packaging. Via the practical USB charging cable, it goes to the socket for 20 minutes before the exciting adventures of the Nintendo heroes continue. You've never played Mario Kart™ like this before! So, will Mario win or will he be knocked off the throne?
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