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Cabbage Patch 9" Enchanted Forest Assortment

Cabbage Patch 9" Enchanted Forest Assortment

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It's time to grow your Cabbage Patch! Introducing the newest Cabbage Patch Kids Collectible Cuties: Enchanted Forest Friends!

  • UNIQUE: Cabbage Patch Kids Cuties have a 9” soft, cuddly body with the signature baby powder scent!
  • ENCHANTED FOREST FRIENDS: Atticus the Bear wears a sparkly pink bear onesie with a removable hoodie!
  • IT’S OFFICIAL! Each Cabbage Patch Kids Cutie is named and numbered for collectability.
  • CLASSIC: Parents remember this iconic brand from childhood, family favorites perfect for enjoying!
  • MORE TO COLLECT: Grow your Cabbage Patch with Cabbage Patch Kids, perfect for any kid in your life!
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