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Calico Critters

Baby Mermaid Castle

Baby Mermaid Castle

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Our EJ Kids love Calico Critters!

Calico Critters brings whimsical design and vibrant fun to Calico Land! Baby Mermaid Castle is a ready to play, underwater castle playset for baby figures which features mechanical rides for the babies to enjoy! Set includes 3 poseable baby figures including chocolate Rabbit baby, Persian Cat cradle baby and Fennec Fox baby dressed in removable mermaid outfits! Four main attractions for babies to ride including the Dreamy Pirate Ship, rotating Jellyfish Swing with three gondolas, Merry Go Round with Crab, Whale and Dolphin Rides and Submarine and Fish swings! Connect and play together with the Baby Amusement Park and Calico Land Series.

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