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Gabby's Dollhouse, Gabby Girl On-The-Go Travel Set

Gabby's Dollhouse, Gabby Girl On-The-Go Travel Set

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Get ready for exciting pretend play travel with the Gabby Girl On-The-Go Travel Set! This 11-piece playset is a must-have for fans of the DreamWorks Gabby`s Dollhouse series that love playing dress up! Featuring a toy cell phone, that folds open to store a kitty key card and a Gabby ID card, a compass charm, a travel wallet to hold your pretend passport and travel tickets and a super cute kitty-themed toy container, that has special holders for all your awesome preschool toys inside! Each piece in the set is specially made with authentic design and styling, so they look just like Gabby`s travel gear in the show! Kids are sure to love running around the house pretending to travel around the world, just like Gabby does! For even more exciting pretend play adventures, look for Gabby`s Kitty Camera, which also fits in the kitty-themed container, so you can take pretend photos on your travels! (Kitty Camera sold separately) For one last surprise, scan the QR code found on the Travel Set`s packaging to access the free Gabby`s Dollhouse App (available on iOS and Android). Gabby`s Dollhouse stuffed animals, dolls, toy figures and playsets are the perfect toys for girls and boys that love using their imagination to create their own dollhouse world, so prepare for endless pretend play adventures with the Gabby Girl On-The-Go Travel Set! 

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