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Crocodile Creek

24-Piece Puzzle Case - Unicorn

24-Piece Puzzle Case - Unicorn

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A World of Enchantment!  Enter the enchanting world of castles, princesses, dragons, and unicorns with our 24-piece Unicorn and Princess Castle floor puzzle. With captivating illustrations and vibrant colors, this puzzle is a portal to a magical universe.

But there's more to this puzzle than meets the eye. It's not just a fun and educational activity, it also comes with a sturdy travel case that can accompany your child on any adventure.

So why not let your child's imagination run wild as they explore the imaginary world of princesses and unicorns with our Unicorn and Princess Castle floor puzzle? It's an entertaining and educational activity that will provide hours of fun and learning for your little one, all wrapped up in one delightful package.


  • 24 Heavy Duty puzzle pieces
  • Great for Development: Puzzles are great for problem solving while fostering eye-hand coordination and development of fine motor skills
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